About Us

Tri-County regionA mild maritime climate, a coastal mountain range, and wild rivers define our region. Cool air from the Pacific brushes the coast with generous rainfall, nurturing dense coniferous forests and rising to the oak-peppered bald prarie hills at the foot of the Klamath knot of mountains. Veins of creeks and rivers carry the pacific moisture back to the rugged coast, through raging canyons and wide river deltas. In its entirety, the North Coast offers community - as habitat for a vast mosaic of wildlife, living among an inspired people.

Congestion in other urban areas of California has contributed to a steep climb in the real estate value of our agricultural lands and other natural areas, catalyzing their conversion to residential development.

The Northcoast Regional Land Trust was formed in 2000 by a diverse group of people with backgrounds in land use planning, ranching , farming, fisheries, forestry and others concerned with protecting the North Coast’s extraordinary environment and quality of life.

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We work with conservationists, ranchers, farmers, timberland managers, natural resource scientists, environmental advocates, and residents to establish a legacy of protected land to help shape a sustainable future for our region’s family-owned ranches, farms and forests. Together we have accomplished the following:

  • Conserved and monitored on a yearly basis more than 25,000 acres of ranch, farm, and timber land, including projects under the Six Rivers to the Sea Initiative, eliminating future subdivision and development while protecting natural resources and compatible agricultural uses.
  • Protected 320 acres of old- and mature- growth forest with salmon-spawning streams.
  • Managed and restored 195 acres of agricultural land and estuarine habitat. In 2009, NRLT conducted restoration activities on Freshwater Farms Reserve.
  • Facilitated public access on normally restricted private property through naturalist-led events.
  • Engaged our diverse community to develop a 100-year common vision for land use planning.