A Community Barn Raising


The Graham-Long Dairy barn rehabilitation project is almost complete and we look forward to our upcoming grand opening! In a county where many old agricultural barns are falling down, this community project is a unique way to help preserve an important historic and cultural piece of the North Coast. As a part of the Northcoast Regional Land Trust’s mission to conserve wild and working landscapes, this significant structure will now last for generations to come, supporting existing and future agricultural, educational, and recreational activities at Freshwater Farms Reserve.

Rehabilitating this symbol of our region's shared agricultural heritage was a true community barn raising made possible by the generosity, time, and vision of many individuals, businesses, agencies, and foundations. Special thanks go to:

California State Coastal Conservancy, T.S. and K.D. Glide Foundation, McLean Foundation, Almquist Lumber Company, ERA Forest Products LLC, Humboldt Redwood Company, Mendocino Forest Products, Green Diamond Resource Company, Ryan Sullivan (Fine Woodworking and Custom Homes), Bill Hole (Creative Home Construction), Tim and Jackie Pricer, Doris Fearrien, Judith Hinman, Schorr Berman, Deborah Fitzpatrick, Ron & Melanie Kuhnel, Christopher Honar, Suzanne Guerra, Joan Wantanabe, our hardworking and dedicated volunteers, and all the donors who gave at our Annual Celebration to support this special project.