North Coast Dialogues

What are the North Coast Dialogues?

The Dialogues began in 2008 as a series of multi-stakeholder conversations about the desired future of our region. The Dialogues were initiated by the Northcoast Regional Land Trust to establish a collaborative vision and actions to shape the region's landscapes, communities, and economies over the next 100 years.

The first phase of the project focused on the future of working lands in Humboldt County. A group of ranchers, planners, timber company representatives, environmental activists, realtors, natural resource managers, economic development specialists, and other community members met on several occasions to share personal stories about their relationship to the land, to establish a collective vision for the future, and to determine the best way to maintain working lands in Humboldt County.

Working Lands Vision Completed!

In 2011 we completed a 100-year Vision for Working Lands and Waters in Humboldt County. The overarching vision and goals were presented to the Dialogues Working Group and 26 members of our community during two events held in the fall of 2009. The production and culmination of this living document marks an important milestone in the Northcoast Dialogues Project. To learn more about the Vision and to read the final document please go to the following link: 

Working Lands Vision for Humboldt County


North Coast Dialogues Overview

Below are links to reports and presentations that summarize the results obtained from three different analyses on land use trends in Humboldt County. There are many questions we could have asked as part of each analysis; we focused on those issues that were most prominent during 2008 Dialogues discussions. For example:

How does parcelization affect timber production?
What are the key factors affecting fisheries declines?
How do public acquisitions impact local agriculture?

It is important to note that these analyses used actual data to illustrate general trends on working lands and waters. That is, we used the best data readily available to analyze scenarios and quantify impacts of various constraints to productivity. In many cases we attempted to answer questions for which little data exists. In other cases we needed to make a host of assumptions to run the analysis. In all cases we made educated and informed decisions based on the combined experiences of lifelong practitioners.

Forestlands Analysis Executive Summary
Forestlands Analysis Full Report
Fisheries Analysis Presentation
Rangelands Analysis Presentation

More Information
North Coast Dialogues Phase I Brochure
Times Standard news article: Jan. 22, 2009
Phase II Update to the Working Group
Phase I Final Report

The Transitions Framework
Dialogues uses a value-based process that supports people as they make effective transitions so that the changes they implement together can be sustained.

Past Community Events
November 2009 Workshop: Creating a 100‐Year Vision for Our Future
March 2009 Workshops: Communities in Transition

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