Native Plants Now For Sale at Freshwater Farms Reserve


NRLT is pleased to announce a new community partner at our Freshwater Farms Reserve property on Myrtle Avenue.  The North Coast Chapter of the California Native Plant Society (CNPS) has recently moved their native plant nursery to a new location at Freshwater Farms Reserve and plants are now for sale through the Kneeland Glen Farm Stand which is operated by Kathy Mullen.  

Hopefully you have had a chance to make it out to Freshwater Farms Reserve already, but if not, now is a great time for a visit.  The reserve is located at 5851 Myrtle Avenue, near Three Corners Market, and houses the ¾-mile Freshwater Nature Trail, a kayak boat launch with carts, the Kneeland Glen Farm Stand, Freshwater Gardens, and now – the North Coast Chapter CNPS’s Native Plant Nursery. 


CNPS raises native plants in their nursery for two annual fundraisers that support their education and advocacy efforts.  Their next fundraiser is a spring Wildflower Show and native plant sale held at the Jefferson Community Center, 1000 B Street, Eureka on May 5th & 6th.

 The new nursery location has significantly more space and a better layout than their previous home at the Jacoby Creek Land Trust’s Kokte Ranch, making it much easier to work in and maintain their plants. Freshwater Farms Reserve also has a 1,800 square foot hoop house that CNPS will utilize, serving as a home base for nursery operations, providing on site storage, and offering a warm, dry, indoor space in which to work and for their native plant starts to flourish in. CNPS also plans to establish a demonstration garden, adding another exciting educational   experience for visitors to Freshwater Farms Reserve.


Native plants grown by the North Coast CNPS chapter are available for purchase at the Kneeland Glen Farm Stand at Freshwater Farms Reserve from noon to 6pm daily.  The Farm Stand also sells vegetables and locally made goods. If you are looking for specific native plants that you don’t see at the farm stand, contact the North Coast CNPS chapter at