5 Ways You Can Help

5 ways you can help protect the North Coast’s natural areas and working lands.

  1. Support the Land Trust. By becoming a member or renewing your membership, you can directly help conserve the North Coast’s unique natural lands and working farms and ranches. Click here to donate today. Click here to be a monthly donor.
  2. Leave a Legacy. By giving a donation of cash or property, now or by bequest, to NRLT, you directly help us preserve land and resources year after year. In addition you may consider gifts of stock, life insurance or other ways to leave a legacy of land conservation.
  3. Support local farmers and ranchers. Buying local produce and meats in stores and at farmer’s markets helps to maintain our region’s farming and ranching economy.
  4. Encourage your local school or civic group to organize field trips to protected lands. Freshwater Farms Reserve and the McNamara Dairy are excellent places for children and adults to learn about our natural world.
  5. Volunteer for trail work, habitat restoration or docent programs. Your helping hands are needed for trail work and restoration at Freshwater Farms Reserve. We are always looking for volunteers to help us monitor the properties under our responsibility. Contact Us.

To learn more about the significant impact you can make with your legacy gift, you can read an article in the Tri-city weekly, Doing Good When You're Gone.