Welcome to California's North Coast

With free-flowing rivers, rugged mountain ranges, and rural towns surrounded by open ranges, dairy farms, redwood forests, wild salmon runs and cackling geese, the North Coast region is considered one of the last best places on the planet.

The Northcoast Regional Land Trust is a nonprofit organization with a focus of protecting land and water on nearly five million acres on California’s North Coast encompassing Humboldt, Del Norte, and Trinity Counties. Find out more About us.

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NRLT Stands Against Racism

The Northcoast Regional Land Trust was founded 20 years ago on the principle of uniting people from diverse backgrounds and perspectives with a common vision: the conservation of northwest California’s wild and working lands. In two decades, we have accomplished so much together that would not have been possible otherwise: formation of strong community partnerships, preservation of rural livelihoods, conservation of tens of thousands of acres of productive forests and rangeland, protection of vital waterways and critical wildlife habitat. The success of our organization demonstrates the benefit of working side by side with those who have different cultural backgrounds, political views, and life experience. 

Recent protests across the nation, as with COVID-19’s disproportionate impact, call attention to the additional challenges faced by Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. We believe it is important to recognize that all people are not always treated equally and we remain committed to working together to ensure all people are able to enjoy the rights and freedoms that we all deserve. 

Our Land Trust is stronger because diversity, inclusion, and equity are core tenants of our work. Acts of racism, discrimination, and violence work against our mission and are not tolerated. We believe in and stand for human rights and the safety of everyday acts, like venturing outside—for everyone. 

We are committed to maintaining our Freshwater Farms Reserve as a place for all where community members can see themselves reflected there. We are committed to continuing to partner with groups such as the California Conservation Corps, Humboldt State University’s African American Center for Academic Excellence, AmeriCorps Watershed Stewards Program, Latino Outdoors, The Buckeye, Humboldt County Cattlewomen and many more. We are committed to being an organization where we continue to learn from each other, support and uplift one another, and together conserve open spaces, wild places, and natural resource lands for those here today and for generations to come.


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