Farm Stand and Nursery Available


Request for Applications for Farm Stand Tenant at Freshwater Farms Reserve

The Northcoast Regional Land Trust is seeking a new farm stand tenant who will assist us in maintaining Freshwater Farms Reserve as a safe and welcoming place, provide our community access to locally grown foods, and conduct operations consistent with local and state regulations and in compliance with our lease.

 Available beginning February 2022, the leased area includes a 12’ x 34’ building designated for use as a farm stand and associated storage, a 30’ x 60’ greenhouse/nursery building roofed with clear polycarbonate panels, an 11’ x 60’ storage area in the main barn, and one acre of agricultural land that can be used for a combination of livestock pasture, annual row crops, or perennial crops. The base rental rate is $850/month. Prospective tenants will have the following optional areas available to add to their lease:

Additional storage space in the main barn ($0.20/sq. ft./month)
Additional land may be available depending on acreage and proposed usage

Our ideal candidate has:

A genuine interest and enthusiasm for conservation of wild and working lands
An interest in being part of a publicly accessible property and engaging with a wide array of visitors
The ability to communicate clearly and effectively with a diverse range of people
The ability to maintain professional and collaborative working relationships with the Land Trust, other tenants on the property, and members of the public
A clear vision for how the leased area will be used
Experience with agricultural production, business management, and customer relations
The ability to work with sensitivity and without discrimination towards peoples of diverse perspectives, cultures, races/ethnicity, socio-economic positions, ages, religions, genders, physical/mental challenges/disabilities, and sexual orientations


The tenant would either need to run the farm stand in conformance with the definition of roadside farm stand under Humboldt County Coastal Zoning Regulation § 313- or else obtain the appropriate permits through the county, state, and/or CA Coastal Commission. Tenant will be required to carry, at a minimum, commercial general liability insurance in the amount of $1 million. No cannabis inquiries.

Application instructions:

Please submit a 1-2 page proposal describing your plan for the farm stand and any additional areas you are interested in leasing. Please describe when you are seeking to begin your lease, length of term, along with why you are interested in being a stewardship partner with the Northcoast Regional Land Trust. Be sure to include your full name, mailing address, phone number and email. Your proposal, and any questions you may have, should be submitted via email to by November 30, 2021.  From there, prospective tenants will be evaluated based on the information provided and selected candidates will be asked to complete a commercial lease application.

Please do not disturb the current farm stand tenant whose term expires on 12/31/2021 -- the property will not be shown until after the lease term ends.

About us:

The Northcoast Regional Land Trust is a local non-profit organization with a focus on conserving our region’s wild and working lands.  Located between Eureka and Arcata, Freshwater Farms Reserve is the Land Trust’s ambassador property and demonstration site where agricultural production, public access, and wildlife habitat co-exist.